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Our Products & Services

Estate Valuations & Pricing Systems, Inc. is in the business of providing ready-to-file historical securities valuations for IRS Form 706. As the industry leader for the past thirty years, we offer several ways to value portfolios:

  • Our software -- EVP Office -- is a suite of applications designed to help you generate ready-to-file reports on millions of different securities, within minutes, right from your own computer. The software is free. You pay only for usage.

    EVP Office includes:

    EstateVal allows you to run Date of Death and Alternate Date valuations, all within a matter of minutes. It also allows the user to customize a report to reflect sales, distributions, spin-offs, mergers, etc. prior to the Alternate Date. Distribution Date and Appraisal Date valuations are also available.

    EstateVal can also check for relevant capital changes within six months prior to the Date of Death and between the Date of Death and the Alternate Date.

    EstateVal is used by thousands of banks, trust officers, attorneys, and accounting firms. It's fast, accurate and easy to use. The IRS uses EstateVal to verify Form 706 filings.

    CostBasis makes determining the original worth of a portfolio a snap, with space to enter not only your securities, but the date you want them priced on. The software will even adjust the number of shares for historical splits.

    CapWatch is the perfect companion to EstateVal and CostBasis. CapWatch lets you review almost two million capital changes from thousands of companies and bond issuers. It's a great research tool to get the details on a spin-off or when a firm has gone bankrupt.

    GiftVal gives you complete control over your gift-tax filings, including the ability to include or exclude accrual or principal on a per-lot basis. You can even easily note the basis for each lot.

    During an evaluation, each application connects to our Data Center, hosted in the cloud. Redundant servers in different geographic locations, and complete disaster recovery and business continuity protocols, give EVP Systems industry-best up-time and availability percentages. (More information about our infrastructure is available in our Disaster Recovery overview.)

    Frequently asked questions and tutorials are available. Most EVP Office evaluations cost $2.00 per CUSIP and are billed monthly. All the details are available in our fee schedule.

  • EVP Professional Services is our in-house pricing service. While EVP Office lets you evaluate securities on your computer, through EVP Professional Services, we do the work for you. Just fax or e-mail us your portfolio and we'll return a ready-to-file report, usually within one business day. It's as simple as that. We have the resources to do extensive research, edit complex sales and spin-offs, even send the results back as editable data files.

    Most EVP Professional Services evaluations cost $5.00 per CUSIP, but all the details are available in our fee schedule.

These services can even be used together, in whatever way works best for you. If you normally use EVP Office, you can send a complicated portfolio to EVP Professional Services and let us take care of it for you. If you're using Professional Services and would like to save money on a large portfolio, just download the software and begin using it. Both can be mixed and matched any way you want.

If you have any questions about EVP Office or EVP Professional Services, please feel free to contact our Sales Department at (800) 323-7750 or Sales. You can also download a free copy of the software and try it out for yourself.

Thank you for considering Estate Valuations & Pricing Systems!