New Features for Plante Moran

Hello, Plante Moran EstateVal user! This is the latest release of the program, version 8.5.0, and it's got some additions just for you.

You'll notice that the main screen now has a "Client Number | Job Number" field that's initially colored yellow, because it's empty.

From now on, before you can perform evaluations, it will need to be filled out. To do so, just click the button with the three dots to its right, and a full list of clients and jobs will load.

Now, just select the Client Number to open it up, select a Job Number under it, and then click OK. The pair of numbers will appear in the field, and the warning yellow will disappear. If you need to change the value, just repeat the process. If you want to clear out the field, just click the Clear button.

The Client and Job Numbers are sent to the vendor along with usage information, so that we can know how to properly bill our clients for the work we're doing.

Also available in this new version of EstateVal is a training mode. Just click Help → Training Mode to turn it on.

This setting allows you to use all the features of the program as much as you want without generating charges, because it returns made-up data. All output and reports are watermarked so this training data doesn't get accidentally used in real situations, but otherwise, you can experiment, learn, and try out everything the program has to offer without incurring any cost. The invented data is consistent across time, so running an evaluation for a specific security for a specific date will always return the same pricing information, just like with real data.

To turn Training Mode off, just click Help → Training Mode again.

If you have any questions about the new Plante Moran features in EstateVal—or questions about any other aspect of the program—you can contact the EVP Systems Support Department between 8:30am and 4:30pm on any day the New York Stock Exchange is open, at (818) 313-6300 or